The Pancake Mansion

It’s a whole new season and everything has changed!

I’m married.

I live in Harrisburg.

I’m baking (that’s nothing new).

And it’s time for a total revamp of this blog.

I’m living at the Pancake Mansion, one of twelve people, and every day is an adventure. I’ve only been there for a week and already so much has unfolded. I’ll still be updating you on my daily endeavors (’cause I can’t help myself), but I’d like to use this blog more as a documentation of my community living experience and my current walk with God. I don’t think there’s enough information on the net or in every day life that shows people that

another world is possible,

and I think it’s my responsibility as a Christian to be one more voice crying in the wilderness. You can change your life. You can change your world. It is possible to live again, and to have life more abundantly than you ever imagined.

I’ve seen the hands of God at work over and over again on Front Street, and he shows no signs of stopping. But it hasn’t been without struggle; we’re still recouperating from the Susquehanna flooding, everyone’s on a different schedule, everyone is working and striving and completely exhausted. Every day is full of music and food and laughter and crying and inner struggle, we are being refined, learning how to love, and understanding the true meaning of sacrifice.

I invite you to join me. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be inspired to give it a try.


3 thoughts on “The Pancake Mansion

  1. I want to extend my warmest wishes for a happy marriage. And, good luck in your new home. I understand there was substantial flooding in Harrisburg. I hope you were not in the flood area. If you look at my blog, you will see I got hit by Irene. I can’t wait to read more about your baking. Again, best wishes and good luck in your new home.

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