So many needs, so little time

The last few days have been a whirlwind. Just to give you an update on the craziness that is Harrisburg right now…

Sunday, saw a flyer for the Occupy Harrisburg movement, peddled my heart out and made it to the second general assembly right on time. I’m helping organize food and activities for everyone. Then I made speedy quick caramel coated brownies and led a study on the Lord’s Prayer. More on that another time.

Monday, baked cupcakes for a possible client, whipped up icing, and checked out the local Food Not Bombs. After a crazy cooking session, we served out on Second Street while handing out flyers for Saturday’s event. Talked with a lot of upset people, everyone upset at something different, but for the same reasons. Brought food to people who were already at the capitol building… one of them had been there for 36 hours.

Today, spent five hours with a few others on the steps of the capitol, people who are already “occupying” this city. Made corn muffins and bread to leave with the people who are camping out. On top of it all, Little Amps agreed to carry our cupcakes!

…I’m exhausted. Time for more business research, canning apple butter, and bottling beer! And there will be more exciting things to come, that I can assure you.

In solidarity, Hanni